Get Creative
UX / UI design, research, page layout, branding
Graphic Design III


4 Weeks

Avery Caldwell

Fall 2023

 Get Creative is a user-friendly app for any juniors and senior creatives seeking a good quality job or a remote internship within their region. The creative person can create their profile, add things they like to do, and give insight into their personality and skills. The app will post jobs or internships aligned with the user's standards.  

The app's aesthetic is simple and similar to creative programs to showcase that this app is similar to what creatives use. The typefaces chosen were Roboto Monospace to show the tech side of a computer and Open Sans for the copy to have a clear understanding of the information. The color palette consists of shades and tints of black and white with an accent lemon color to showcase energy and creativity. The icons are simple with straight lines to demonstrate the similarity between the Roboto Monospace font and the creative programs.

tool kit
app wireframe
final design + prototype
The goal for the prototype is to have an easy user experience that can navigate and find their desired place to spend their evening indoors or outdoors with friends.
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