Aztech Labs
logo, typography, 
Graphic Design II

Logo for SDSU

3 Weeks

Chitra Gopalakrishnan

Spring 2023

Aztech Labs and Acetech is a rebrand concept for the Environmental Health and Safety Department at San Diego State University to bring awareness and improve lab safety culture. Acetech is for a designating person that goes above and beyond with lab safety, and Aztech Labs is the new name for Shield Labs.


Aztech Labs was a group team project and was created with the idea of these terms, land, history, roots, protection, ace, and technology to represent our school and culture. The turtle represents protection, and the icons show what EHS serves; medicine, science, laboratory, and the historic landmark of SDSU. The color palette are shades and tints of a teal color. The typefaces are Arvo to showcase the technological and seriousness of the field and Typold to have a modern and clean look for the brand.

process and drafts
Acetech tote bag/
The Acetech tote bag is for the individual who exceeds in laboratory safety procedures.
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