Invisible Strings
typography, page layout
Typography III

Macro Micro Book

8 Weeks

Beth Weeks

Fall 2023

Invisible Strings is a book based on two completely different stories with something in common.  Both stories interacted with design and composition. The Micro text was 200 words from a personal interview about what it takes to become and be a mother between my oldest sister and me. The macro text was 2500 words from an article, What Graphic Designers Actually Do? by Brandi Sea Heft Kniffin, relating how much work graphic designers do before and during the design process. 
Invisible Strings is a thirteen accordion book with a front and back cover and thirteen connected spreads. The name Invisible Strings came to be due to the invisible jobs mothers and designers do that no one else notices. These jobs are connected with the title "mom or graphic designer." These invisible jobs or strings are crucial to their existence. The color palette represents the delicate and bold side of a mom and a designer. The purple represents royalty; this is to give credit to motherhood and the hard work they do. The pink accent color is to bring harmony and beauty to our work. The lilac color represents harmony and gives the reader clarity. 

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