Learn to Fish
watercolor, typography,  page layout
Graphic Design II

Six Steps to Teach a Skill

4 Weeks

Chitra Gopalakrishnan

Spring 2023

Learn to Fish in Six Steps is an illustrated brochure that emphasizes showing a new skill. This brochure targets an audience that is interested in fishing and needs to know what are the basic steps of fishing. 
Learn to Fish is composed of a double gate panel showcasing six illustrations, a cover, and a blur. The illustrations are watercolor paintings to relate the subject with the transparency of water and nature. The patterns are freehand drawings to convey the human skills of fishing. The typefaces Fields and Mogena were chosen carefully to invite the young and mature audience to start fishing. They have a friendly and bubbly approach that shows the steps. AYT Betany complements each page's drawing and titles to demonstrate the raw work and gear of fishing. The color palette is inspired by the colors of spring to attract different crowds to start fishing. 

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