logotype, typography,  post-modern grid
Typography II

Music Broadside & Image

8 Weeks

Scott Wyss

Spring 2023

Roar is a music broadside poster created on a post-modern grid system. We had to research keywords to create the logo and based on the logo create a post-modern grid system layout. 

The logotype Roar was chosen from the lyrics of the song, The One by Taylor Swift. The theme of the song is heartbreak and folklore. The logo has rhythm and movement to show the emotion one feels when they are heartbroken. The post-modern grid helps to create movement and an interesting layout to place the lyrics and make the logo and lyrics cohesive. The dark chalk gray to the vibrant red colors were chosen to show sadness and love. The Obviously Variable typeface has a large family that shares the same boldness as the logotype. The different weights of the type were there to highlight pull quotes and emphasize a quote. The image is creating a connection between the song and the post-modern grid system. 

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