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Fore better skin.
Graphic Design 1

Professional Practices

6 Weeks

Scott Wyss

Fall 2022

Sunfore is a new sunscreen made for men that love to play golf on a sunny day. Sunfore can be found near your local golf course or country club. The brand provides sophistication, protection, and assurance to keep your skin safe from UVA and UV rays and aims to empower young to middle age men to wear sunscreen while enjoying their favorite hobby.
Sunfore project started with the idea of creating an abstract mark from a connotative word. The key word was sunscreen, to protect the skin of golf players from UVA and UV rays. The research led me to create a portmanteau word, sun and fore this help me with the process of the logo and brand.  The logo has a fresh style and bold strokes to portray confidence and security. It represents a golf ball and the sun's rays. The typeface used was Druk Wide Medium a bold strong san serif that adds hierarchy to the brand. The colors burnt orange and olive green were chosen to evoke warmth, comfort, sophistication, and nature. After making the design guidelines, we explored stationary and product design.

bag frame design

The bag design is clean and simple to showcase high quality and perfection. It has the two colors of the brand, burnt orange and olive green on the sides of the bag. The inside of the bag has a full bleed of the pattern.
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